Welcome to the Nevada Women’s Lobby

The Nevada Women’s Lobby is a statewide non-partisan coalition of organizations, and individual women and men who work on issues affecting women and families.We track legislation and alert our members when action is needed from them.  We lobby cooperatively with other organizations for maximum effect, and we educate our members about the legislative process & activities with a bi-annual newsletter, email alerts and group events.  We encourage active participation in the legislative process by hosting Grassroots Lobby Days at the Nevada Legislature in Carson City every other year during legislative sessions.


Overnight the Nevada Women’s Lobby goals and strategies for the 2015 Legislative session changed dramatically. Election day November 4, 2014 ushered in a brand new crop of elected officials in a stunning defeat for Democrats at every level of State government. In the legislature, the long-standing Democratic controlled Assembly came to an abrupt end. Although the Nevada Women’s Lobby is a non-partisan organization, the profile of many of the newly elected legislators coupled with well-publicized chaos within the new Assembly Republican caucus, created a climate of uncertainty. Like many others, the NWL had to quickly change its posture of a proactive agenda to one of potential defense of the many gains our coalition partners and we had made over many years. Immediately our hopes for required comprehensive sex education and other progressive legislation were dashed.

Remarkably, in the end the Nevada Women’s Lobby and our coalition partners including Planned Parenthood, ACLU, NNADV, PLAN, Battleborn Progress, Nevada Legal Services, America Votes and others, combined efforts and managed to defeat several threatening bills while successfully passing many initiatives that looked at risk in the beginning days of the 2015 session.

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