• Promoting Equity for Women

    NWL is working with a coalition of partners to build support and advocate for passage of equal pay legislation in Nevada.

  • Eliminating Poverty

    NWL works with organizations during and between legislative sessions to help create opportunities for families to move out of poverty with the goal to break the cycle of poverty.


Lunch from Home Webinar: Census 2020

COVID-19 has been all-consuming, for good reason, but important things can easily be overlooked during times of crisis. On Tuesday, May 5, we offered a”lunch from home” webinar with Kerry Durmick, Director of Census Outreach, who discussed the impact Census 2020 participation will have on Nevadans. Check it out below (note

Northern luncheons go statewide w/ Lunch from Home Series

It is more important now than ever that we maintain our connectedness while respecting the need for social distancing. To help us stay connected with you, we are adapting our Northern Nevada monthly luncheon into a statewide event we are calling Lunch from Home with the Lobby. Like our monthly luncheons in

2019 Legislative Recap

Each year, our lobbyist Marlene Lockard prepares a recap of what happened at the state legislature concerning bills that Nevada Women’s Lobby was for or against. There is so much good news this legislative session that this may be the longest recap we have seen thus far. Click here to

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