• Promoting Equity for Women

    NWL is working with a coalition of partners to build support and advocate for passage of equal pay legislation in Nevada.

  • Eliminating Poverty

    NWL works with organizations during and between legislative sessions to help create opportunities for families to move out of poverty with the goal to break the cycle of poverty.


Lunch from Home Webinar: Reopening of Nevada Schools

In December, we “lunched from home” with Dr. Leguen and Professor Pandori who discussed the pandemic in Nevada and how we can all look forward to better health.

Lunch from Home Webinar: Reopening of Nevada Schools

In October, we “lunched from home” with Marie Neisess, president of the Clark County Education Association, and Natha Anderson, president of the Washoe Education Association who discussed the impact school reopenings have had on teachers and their concerns for the education and wellbeing of Nevada’s children.

Lunch from Home Webinar: Mail-in Voting in Nevada

On Tuesday, August 4, we “lunched from home” with Washoe County Registrar Deanna Spikula and Clark County Registrar Joe Gloria who discussed the anticipated problems of and planned solutions for mail-in voting and what each county’s plans are for the general election during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Missed the webinar?

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