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Nevada State Legislature

Lunch with the Lobby: Texas’ attack on choice

As the Texas anti-choice law goes back to court once again, many Nevadans are wondering what this could mean for a woman’s right to choose here at home.

Join us on Tuesday, November 2, at 12 pm as we “lunch from home” with: 

Maggie Tracey, who worked on enshrining Roe v. Wade into state law;

Lindsey Harmon, of Planned Parenthood Votes Nevada, who is closely monitoring national policy and what is happening in other states; and

Carla Ramazan, director of Wild West Access Fund, a new organization that raises funds to help get Nevadans needed access to abortion care.

Join us for this discussion of the Texas law, national pro-choice and pro-life movements, and what all this might mean for Nevada.